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Service value proposition

Baron Foodtech has a combined over 60 years of global experience helping bakery owners and managers make baking more profitable. We employ 7 professionals with expertise ranging from technical service consultancy to product development and bakery business consulting from sales, marketing to investment and project planning.

We use our experience to guide our customers so that they may reach their goals profitably while avoiding the costly mistakes that may jeopardize the existence of even businesses with long histories and great reputations. Our customers approach us with a variety of business decisions they need help with. A bakery maybe looking to add efficiency by refurbishing their production lines, another one has perhaps recognized a need to grow and needs help planning the successful relocation of the whole bakery operation to a completely new location. Another one is simply looking for help assessing how to improve profitability by reviewing the number of varieties produced.

Contact us when you are considering for example: bakery relocation, equipment refurbishment, bakery production line planning, equipment salvaging or logic re-programming, sales and marketing development, need help with project management, new product development or revising your bakery offering.

At Baron Foodtech we have developed our own bespoke process and digital system to document components and settings whenever equipment needs to be moved or otherwise taken to parts. This is typically a factor that sets us apart from other operators as with bakery production line relocations for example we are able to guarantee fully functioning production line after re-assembly.  Our technicians are also able to re-program bakery production line operational logic using the Siemens protocol.

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How we work

At Baron Foodtech we do not consider the opening of a new production line a success unless the customer is happy with the process and cost, and the goals of the project are met.

Baron Foodtech is well equipped to support bakeries looking to relocate production, introduce new products or simply refurbishing and sourcing new technology, production line design, new product development all the way to helping client develop sales, marketing and all the way to onsite supervision.

In the bakery business Baron Foodtech does consulting service work with bakery owners and managers to maximize their baking output and baking product quality from start to finish.

Design and consulting - FAQ

Typically bakery wants to build a new plant or extend existing production. Often we are also reorganizing several bakeries under one roof. This is a trend now.

Realization plan, layout drawing, bakery model and budget. Together with detailed action plan and documentation for stake holders.

We are member of the team. Interim member. In close cooperation with the customer we understand customers strategy and make it real with them. Ideally we participate at an early stage.

This is defined in the initial project plan. Time varies from a few months to years.

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