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Bakery consulting and design services - our value proposition

Baron Foodtech has a combined over 60 years of global experience helping bakery owners and managers make baking more profitable. We employ 7 professionals with expertise ranging from technical service consultancy to product development and bakery business consulting from sales, marketing to investment and project planning.

We use our experience to guide our customers so that they may reach their goals profitably while avoiding the costly mistakes that may jeopardize the existence of even businesses with long histories and great reputations. Our customers approach us with a variety of business decisions they need help with. A bakery maybe looking to add efficiency by refurbishing their production lines, another one has perhaps recognized a need to grow and needs help planning the successful relocation of the whole bakery operation to a completely new location. Another one is simply looking for help assessing how to improve profitability by reviewing the number of varieties produced.

Contact us when you are considering for example: bakery relocation, equipment refurbishment, bakery production line planning, equipment salvaging or logic re-programming, sales and marketing development, need help with project management, new product development or revising your bakery offering.

At Baron Foodtech we have developed our own bespoke process and digital system to document components and settings whenever equipment needs to be moved or otherwise taken to parts. This is typically a factor that sets us apart from other operators as with bakery production line relocations for example we are able to guarantee fully functioning production line after re-assembly.  Our technicians are also able to re-program bakery production line operational logic using the Siemens protocol.

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How we work and support your bakery

At Baron Foodtech we do not consider the opening of a new production line a success unless the customer is happy with the process and cost, and the goals of the project are met.

Baron Foodtech is well equipped to support bakeries looking to relocate production, introduce new products or simply refurbishing and sourcing new technology, production line design, new product development all the way to helping client develop sales, market bakery and product offering, all the way to onsite supervision.

In the bakery business Baron Foodtech does consulting service work with bakery owners and managers to maximize their baking output and baking product quality from start to finish.

Bakery consulting and design services - FAQ

Roughly we could divide our consulting projects to green field bakery investment projects where a brand-new bakery is built up from zero, or modernizations of existing bakeries. With greenfield projects, we can be fully responsible for whole project or then as an external consultant where give our expertise on certain issues. When it’s the whole project, we firstly do the concept planning where all the project parts are analyzed and put together for a concept draft. This usually takes some 3-4 months, as it requires back and forth input from client. When it’s finally approved, with do the pre-planning with detailed machinery, timelines, deliveries and budgeting. In the final stage we do the commissioning and see that everything works before launch. This breakdown is more or less same for modernization of an existing bakery, although we can have several variations of involvement.

A typical outcome of a bakery business consulting project is an end result where the bakery owner has maximized production output and improved efficiency or overall ROI. We are also involved in projects where we train and teaching the client management teams and / or employees how to run the bakery smoothly, how to use the latest techniques and technical solutions and optimize working hours.

Our typical way of working is to be part of a larger team where we may be responsible for anything from building the business case to on site guidance over the working processes. Baron Foodtech has more than 30 years from bakery business and in each project we can offer tailor made solutions that will fit targets of the client. Ideal is to participate in the projects as early as possible, as then we and the team can grow together in the best possible way.

Depending on the scope of the project, the engagement can vary from a few months to several years. Longest projects are the greenfield projects, as they will require everything from concept, planning, installations etc, but also lots of permissions as construction permission, connecting water, electricity, fire safety etc. The shorter projects are typically those where we assist the client to dismantle, move and install their machinery in new location.

An interested client should just start by contacting us, there’s no strings attached and it’s also the best way to learn how we might be of assistance. The first step is to understand the prospective client’s situation and to develop an understanding of how we can support efficiently.  We will listen to the client, go through the client’s potential projects, objectives, time constraints and other key requirements. After we have an initial understanding, we begin formulating an initial proposal, including general steps on how to proceed. Once we can agree with client on a clear scope of work and the necessary business requirements we follow up with a more formal preliminary plan, budget estimates and continue to finalize the project with the prospective client.

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