Technical services for bakeries

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Bakery technical services and consulting

Baron Foodtech is a vendor independent consultancy. We help bakeries globally refurbish bakery production lines, relocate entire bakeries, and find suitable new and used equipment for our clients.  This means that while we are well connected within the industry, we always source the machinery and equipment that is most appropriate for our clients situation.

At Baron Foodtech we have developed our own bespoke process and digital system to document components and settings whenever equipment needs to be moved or otherwise taken to parts. This is typically a factor that sets us apart from other operators as with bakery production line relocations for example we are able to guarantee fully functioning production line after re-assembly.  Our technicians are also able to re-program bakery production line operational logic using the Siemens protocol.

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What we offer


Effectively running production lines

Baron Foodtech will analyze, plan and execute the whole process with its professional team, and successfully launch it together with the client.  With thorough analysis and planning, the clients will also decrease payback period of new machinery and optimize the production output. Baron Foodtech will advice in choosing the correct equipment for your bakery. With reprogramming and modernization of the bakery production line control logic, clients will ultimately extract more value and results from the machinery.

Bakery relocations

Baron Foodtech has a unique service model designed to minimize client business risk in bakery relocations. Baron Foodtech not only carefully dismantles production line machinery but also commits to restoring the dismantled machinery back to working order on the new site. With thorough planning, the client can minimize gaps in production and deliveries due to the fast transformation process, minimize sales losses and still retain healthy customer relationships. Time and accuracy is money, and it pays in dividends with Baron Foodtech.

Technical leadership

Baron Foodtech provides technical project leadership complete with the domain specific programming capabilities. Capabilities include: ERP – internal controls; production line 3d modeling; production line logic programming with siemens protocol; machinery technical evaluations and documentations. Machine history, machine cost tracking, cloud based documentation.

Tools for baking machinery

Baron Documentation System. Machinery is documented first on a PC, then a sticker with QR code is printed and attached to the machinery. QR code reveals the machinery name, installation and service dates, support the installation process and identifies parts on site. 

Teams and supervisors from Baron Foodtech always available, assisting throughout all the customer processes. We are ready to make your production the next generation!

Please have a look at our Baron Foodtech documentation process from below:

Technical services - FAQ

Our technical team has mechanical, electrical and software skills to build, refurbish and service bakery equipment and complete bakery lines.

We install and commission complete bakery lines.

We install and re-assemble bakery equipment and bakery lines.

We do programming and automation for Bakeries with Siemens software programming tools.

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