Design and consulting

We design efficient and sustainable bakery business for our clients. We offer consulting help for singular product development and starting of mass production or making it more efficient. We scale the new products to be fit in industrial production and take care of project budgeting, documentation, and instructions.

Because we know the business and its trends, we also dare to say no. This is a way to help the customer to make good decisions and grow lucratively.

Baron bakery koeleipomo

Baron Bakery – Test Bakery

Baron Bakery is our own state-of-the-art test bakery, where we produce test batches of all the products in product development. We create tasty, healthy, and ethically produced bakery products, that fit easily into industrial production.

As a Finnish company, we respect clean nature and clean products. For example, we develop food-additive free Clean Label – products, gluten-free and vegan products. Our speciality is ”Slow Baking”.

Technical services

Our technical services ensure efficiently running production lines. Our layout-design process will help to combine multiple production line machineries into one, proficient entirety improving cost-efficiency.

We can modernize an existing production line machinery and connect new parts to it according to the production need of the customer. We look at the whole production process, markets, costs and create solutions from this information.

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