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Develop and innovate new bakery products with our test bakery!

Baron Foodtech’s own Baron test bakery is a facility and service designed to help our customers with systematic new bakery product development. To capture and grow market share through innovation and the introduction of new successful products tailored for your bakery and the designated target groups in your market.

Baron Foodtech has with its team developed more than 20 bakery products (many of these already in the markets) through the past few years, ranging from gluten free, vegan, oats and artisan breads matching the latest trends on the market.

As a Finnish company, our products are clean, ethical and prepared by the healthiest ingredients, with the touch of our Slow Baking process (Slow Baking is actually a path to the original roots of the baking. Natural ingredients, sourdough, pre dough, long fermentation times and unrushed production process – give the bread back the enjoyment value that it once had. Even in the most modern production facilities Slow Baking does not have to be in contradiction with high production volumes. That is what we are at our best – Combining these two.)

 Our team will plan together with you the new big seller recipes matching your requirements and preparing products that will be unique for your target markets. Baron Foodtech are also experts in analyzing and understanding market qualities and trends in order to develop new commercially successful products. In the same process, BF analyzes what is the ideal offering in terms of items and variety from the financial and operational efficiency point of view. Welcome to Baron Foodtech test bakery

How we do it

In our state of the art test bakery, we have a hand on approach to develop the recipes and testing them right on spot. After the initial planning process with the client, the recipes are transformed to bakery products that will be tested to find the perfect end product. The bakery product is planned to be a taste sensation and visually attractive for the target groups, also keeping in mind the possibility to be produced at the clients bakery facilities and scalable for the target market. Baronfoodtech will also give the client valuable insights to new trends from other markets, help them to understand the driving forces behind the new trends and the key requirements behind successfully launching new bakery products in their local market. The client can participate in the product planning process on spot in the test bakery or remotely through video communications. After some (from 2 weeks to few months), you will have a unique recipe and bakery product ready to be launched for your target markets.

Baron Foodtech develops the Foodcode Gluten Free bread range for the Russian market​

The famously known construction company Sapsan from Russia decided to diversify their business to bakery business as well. The plan was to launch a gluten free bread range with up to 7 different alternatives. Baron Foodtech was the chosen partner for developing the bread range from scratch, where quality, innovation and cost efficiency was a key factor in the decision making process. “We don’t offer ready ingredients as industry leaders in bakery consulting do, but instead we do custom recipes from raw ingredients, how to prepare ingredients and how to actually bake. Real and traditional slow baking in its purest form is our motto. Not only do you get a unique product, but you do also easily cut your costs with 50 % when you know the correct recipes and processes.” – comments Mikko Lehtinen from Baron Foodtech 

The end product was the Foodcode brand with 7 different bread alternatives launched 6 months after the planning process started. Foodcode is today the number 1 gluten free bread range in Russia. 


Test bakery and product development - FAQ

We develop recipes for bakery products. We test the recipe with customer at our test bakery.

We bring new ideas and trends of the world to customers. Our test bakers can with small changes turn your existing product into a new refreshed success story.

We define the task and give customer a project plan together with a budget and time table.

Please contact us by phone or email at any time.

We have worked on these projects successfully for instance in Russia, Finland, Turkey and Israel.

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